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Clothes Donation


We have a textiles recycling bin at the top end of the school car park by the gates.  Please put all clothes, shoes, bags and linen for collection into plastic bags before putting inside.

The bin is emptied on a regular basis and we raise funds for every Kilogram collected.


Each year the British public throw away over a million tonnes of textiles, the vast majority of which could be used or recycled. UK Textiles Recycling offers an environmentally friendly alternative to this wastage. By depositing textiles into a bank your clothes, shoes and textiles will receive a second lease of life and help worthy organisations raise much needed funds.

What can we collect?

All items must be clean, dry, wearable clothing and shoes paired.

  • Adult and children clothing

  • Shoes and trainers

  • Handbags and belts

  • Sheets, curtains and towels

How should I prepare clothes for recycling?

We welcome any clean clothing and simply ask you to place your old clothes in a supermarket type bag with the handles tied before depositing these into the Bank. Large bin bags can block the shoot and prevent other donations.

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