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Kids in Vegetable Farm


This school term the focus for our fundraising efforts is to provide the children with a 'playground to plate' garden kitchen program, designed to deliver food education around growing and cooking to develop the right skills and knowledge to keep themselves healthy. 

We want to encourage the children to engage in planting and tending to 'school grown' fruits and vegetables which will eventually make it onto their school lunch plates! 


Our target of £3,000 will enable the installation of a school greenhouse with the tools and materials needed for the children to get their hands dirty (quite literally!) ​and start to benefit from the experience of food growing. 

The Food Growing in Schools report highlights compelling evidence that proves food growing in schools helps to support our children through; 

• Encouraging and facilitating learning – particularly in science

• Building skills, including life, enterprise and employment-related skills

• Improving awareness and understanding of the natural environment

• Promoting health and well being in relation to diet and nutrition

• Supporting school improvement and development

• Strengthening communities and interaction.

Visit our Go Fund Me page to pledge your support. 

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